Tournaments are only accessible to VIP users.

Tournaments give rich prizes:
  • 1° ranked: 9 points e 6 Club points
  • 2° ranked: 6 pointse 4 Club points
  • 3°-4° ranked: 3 pointse 2 Club points

When the Tournaments are active, a Cup appears at the bottom of the Table List or Play Now (indicated by the red arrow in the image below):

By clicking on the cup, the Tournament screen will appear.
Choose between 1vs1 and 2vs2 and between 1005 and 1505 points and click on the SIGN UP button below (clicking it will start the tournament and you will pay 1,000 gold).

The tournaments are all 8-player single-elimination tournaments.
In the rounds following the first one, the SIGN UP button will be replaced by the CONTINUE button.
You can continue the Tournament at any time when the Tournaments are active, such as in the Treasure Hunt.
To win the Tournament you will have to win 3 rounds (QUARTER FINAL, SEMIFINAL and FINAL); the system will try to match you with players who are in the same turn.

Clicking on the green question mark will open this screen with Rules, Modes and Prizes.

To find out the calendar of tournaments (and events) you can visit ours by clicking on the following link EVENTS AND TOURNAMENTS