Please click here to watch a video that explains how to send a present to another player.

You can send a present to any player at your table by tapping on the "gift box" (see the red arrow in the next image):

You'll see a panel with many gifts; by clicking on the icons above (see the red arrows) you'll be able to choose your gift's category.
Click on the white arrow pointer (see the yellow arrow) to browse all the gifts.

Tap on the item you want to donate and a dialog asking for confirmation will pop-up.
Click on the "YES" button to send the present to all the players at the table.

If you prefer to send a present only to a certain player, click her/his profile and click on the icon with the gift box (see the red arrow in the following image):
As before, choose the item you want to donate and confirm in the dialog that you want to send it.

And... have fun making presents!