To complete the albums you have to grab as many packages as possible (each package contains 3 stickers), in the following ways:
1) every day, playing the games, you can earn a maximum of 4 packages (each package will be given to you after 1, 2 or 3 games, randomly; you can win the new 4 daily packages after midnight)
NB packages are not given while you are playing the 250 or 500 games to replay the albums.

2) during the holidays, together with other gifts such as gold, points etc.
3) by making a VIP subscription:
  • 1 month VIP = 10 packages
  • 3 months VIP = 35 packages
  • 6 months VIP = 75 packages
  • 12 months VIP = 165 packages
4) if you have already obtained all the smilies that can be won with the SLOT, by playing the SLOT and obtaining the 3 Jolly combination you will get 10 packs of stickers.
5) asking for the stickers you want from your friends or members of your Club, for more info click here