If you have trouble installing or updating the game on your Windows PC follow these steps:    

  1. try pressing the Repair button (indicated by the red arrow in the image below) and wait for the game to update to play.
  2. try disabling the antivirus for a few minutes, just long enough to launch the game. Unfortunately some antiviruses recognize our game as if it were a virus, even if it is not, and they do not start it but once it starts the problem is solved.
  3. try closing the game, go to the game icon and press the right mouse button and select "run as administrator" (indicated by the red arrow in the image below; launching the game like this you should be able to play.
  4. if that doesn't work either, explain exactly where it gets stuck and what message you get by sending an email to burracoepinelle@outlook.com. They will help you promptly.