To give an emoticon as a gift, open the SHOP (indicated by the red arrow in the image below):

click on the blue gift package (indicated by the red arrows in the image below)

A window will be open with all the emoticons you can give
Select the emoticon you want to give

The following panel will open

Write the nick (username) of the player to whom you want to give the emoticon you have selected (in the following image we have written Admin, as indicated by the red arrow)
and click on the symbol of the little man with the lens (indicated by the yellow arrow in the image below)

The profile of the nick to whom he wants to give the gift will appear (indicated by the yellow arrow in the image below), click on it

You will be asked to confirm "Do you confirm that you want to give 'Name of the smiley' to Nick you want to donate to?"
Click Yes to give the emoticon as a gift

In the event that that nick already has the smiley face you wanted to give him the following message will appear
Press Cancel

Click on the arrow (indicated by the yellow arrow in the image below)

The screen will open where you can choose a new smiley to give as a gift