The Pet's Game is a fun pastime with which you can cuddle your cute Pet and get fantastic prizes.

To participate you must be level 20 or higher in any Burraco mode (e.g. Italian or Royal).

The game starts in the following months: January, April, July and October and lasts 70 days (10 weeks).

If you play at least 20 games in a week at the end of the seventh day you can open the treasure chest and collect the prize. You can see how much time is left in the top right (indicated by the red arrow in the image below).

 The higher the level of the Cub, the better the reward. Each Cub gives you a different type of reward

To level up your Pet, complete the missions on the right side; to complete each mission you need some resources; every day at midnight you will receive new missions in place of the completed ones.

At the bottom of the screen are the resources you own; you can get more by cuddling your pet, playing games of burraco or asking for them at your Club.

As you advance through the Cub levels, new missions and resources will unlock:


 Number of missions:

  • 2 missions: pet up to level 4
  • 3 missions: pet from level 5 to level 14
  • 4 missions: pet from level 15 onwards

Type of missions:

  1. Common Missions: From the start (requires common resources)
  2. Rare Quests: Pet from level 10 onwards (requires common and rare resources)
  3. Epic Quests: Pet from level 15 onwards (requires common, rare and epic resources)


  • Common Resources: Food, Paw, Kennel – you get these from the start
  • Rare Resources: Drop, Star, Lightning – you start getting these when your pet reaches level 10
  • Epic Resources: Heart, Lucky Clover - you start getting them when the pet reaches level 20 (you don't get them by petting the pet but only in other modes!)

All resources you own disappear at the end of 70 days along with your pets. Use them to help your club members.

ASK FOR A RESOURCE FROM THE CLUB: If you are missing a resource you can ask for it from your club by clicking on the blue button at the bottom right (indicated by the red arrow in the following image):

a screen will appear where you can select the resource to request.

DONATE A RESOURCE TO THE CLUB: to donate a resource to the club you must go to the Table List and select the blue chat with the little man (indicated by the red arrow in the following image). Here you will find all the requests for resources and Album stickers, and you can donate them:

Once the pet is level 30 the mission to obtain the second pet is unlocked:  the Dog.

The Dog is a Point seeker unlike the Cat who is a Gold seeker.

When you have 2 pets every week you can choose whether to collect the Cat (Golds) or Dog (Points) prize.

When you want to change the pet to receive his prize you simply have to click on the blue button

and a screen will appear where you can select the pet you wish to use.

You have 70 days available to make the pets grow as much as possible in order to obtain the highest rewards, then the pets will not be active for a few days and then you will start again with Cat level 1.



For example looking at the image below:

My Pet, Nerone, is a Gold Digger (I have some clues as to what I might find in the treasure chest at the end of the weekend!);

There are still 20 games left (blue arrow) to be able to open the treasure chest which will be available in 3 days, 6 hours, 36 minutes and 47 seconds (red arrow).

Today you can complete two missions (orange arrows): the first requires 6 meals and 4 kennels, the second requires 10 paws. You have the resources necessary to complete both missions (15 resources of all three types); by completing the first of the 2 missions your Cub will earn 19 exp (experience) points; completing the second one will give you another 19 experience points. Your pet has 0 of 25 experience points (yellow arrow), which means that by getting 25 he will level up (so by completing the two missions he will level up). The higher the level the pet sells, the better the prize at the end of the week will be.