The Forest Challenge event engages Clubs in an Event that lasts 48 hours.

There will be two weekly events:

  • from Monday at 8.00pm to Wednesday at 8.00pm
  • from Friday at 8pm to Sunday at 8pm

The requirements to participate are:

  1. the Club must be Level 2 or higher
  2. the Club must be made up of 10 or more players
  3. The Club must register for the event before the Event starts (Club Head and Deputy can do this);
  4. registration is free.

For registration information click on How do I register for the Forest Challenge Event?

The event unfolds as follows:

Groups of 5 Clubs will be formed (trying to balance both the level of the Club and the number of Members).

Each Club will have its own tree and will have to try to make it grow as much as possible.

Club members will be able to grow their tree by donating the resource requested from time to time between: Earth, Water and Sun. For information on how to donate a resource click on Forest Challenge, how do you donate a resource?

These resources will be obtained by Club members every time they play a valid match; the matches valid for the event are all 1vs1 and 2vs2 matches with the exception of friendly matches and matches where none of the players has reached 250 points.



At the end of the match, Club members registered for the event will receive a gift package with a random number of resources:


1 hand tables:  1 to 5 resources

1005:  2 to 6 resources

1505:  3 to 9 resources

2005:  from 4 to 12 resources


There is a chance of finding Jokers instead of resources


Each Joker is worth 1 resource at choice and can be used to advance in the event when you don't have resources of the required type.


At the end of the event, the Earth, Water and Sun resources will be canceled while the Jokers will remain available to the Club member (even if he changes Club); A user can accumulate a maximum of 500 Jokers


Once the event is over, prizes will be awarded to the Clubs.


The prizes will be proportional to the levels of the 5 Clubs of the group that participated in the Forest Challenge.