To install Buraco PRO on your PC, you should download the installation files:
Wait for a few seconds to download the file, then look for the burracoepinelle.exe file among the downloads; usually it's shown like this:
Click twice on it, and the following dialog will appear:
Choose the language you prefer for the installation procedure (Italian or English),
then click on the buttons:
  1. OK
  2. Next
  3. Next
  4. Install
  5. End
Now a new icon is present on your desktop:
Click twice on it and the program will start
The installation and update procedures will take a few moments and when the blue progress bar is completed, click on the PLAY NOW button (the circle red button in the previous image).
In this last dialog:
choose the resolution you like (or just leave the selected one) and then click on the Play button (red arrow).